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20th May 2018

Can we take a minute for Kate Middleton’s sassy side eye at yesterday’s royal wedding?


Denise Curtin

This is already the meme of 2018.

A LOT happened at yesterday’s royal wedding, so much so, we are still catching up on everything we missed (we think this is partly due to our amazement by Reverend Michael Curry and just how much he LOVES LOVE. HE REALLY DOES.

So, something you may have missed during Reverend Michael Curry’s sermon is Kate Middleton’s sassy side eye to Camilla. The Duchess of Cambridge herself was throwing Camilla a serious “up and down” while they sat side by side in the church.

Just watch this…

Supposedly, from our lip reading skills, Camilla says something to Kate (under that massive hat of hers), which then results in Kate serving Camilla a LOOK not once, but twice.

I mean, we need to get this side eye printed on a t-shirt like right now.

And if by some astonishing reason you missed all things royal wedding yesterday and you’re feeling a little puzzled by Kate’s side eye and Reverend Michael Curry’s sermon, fear not… we have all the details on that here, and all things Kate at the wedding here.