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27th Feb 2018

Calling all cat lovers! This ‘cat backpack’ has to be seen to be believed

Give me one now!

Denise Curtin

Fan of felines?

Well then you will be weak at the knees for this “cat backpack” spotted at the Angel tube station in central London.

According to Twitter user Alex von Tunzelmann who goes by the handle @alexvtunzelmann – basically she was wandering to her train when she spotted this… “a real life cat in a space age backpack”.


We were so intrigued by this contraption, we did a little googling and these cute bubble backpacks for your furry friends do in fact exist and you can purchase them online. YAS.

Titled the “Bubble Peapod Pet Carrier” created by U-Pet, these backpacks are adorable and a handy way to travel with your feline friend or small dog.

Now these cases do cost a pretty penny at $235 (approx €190) each, they are not cheap, but if you are someone who is forever travelling with your pet it could be worth the investment. You can purchase them online here.

And since Alex tweeted about her sighting of the “cat pack from the future”, many Twitter users have gone to share images of them TOO with their cat backpacks. Madness.

We love these!