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06th Aug 2016

Britney Spears has released a new music video and it’s awful

Cassie Delaney

Look right, we love Britney.

She gave us some of our favourite hits growing up.

She gave us the cinematic masterpiece of Crossroads.

She gave us goals.

And we’ve stood by her throughout her best and worst times. We support all of her career endeavours. We’re fans.

But this new video is like one big ad. It’s as though  a lot of people in suits asked how they could sell EOS lip balm, a BMW and a gym in one video and concluded that Britney’s comeback was their answer.

They were wrong.

The video opens with Britney chilling with her gal pals in some sort of coffee shop/bar establishment. An attractive younger man approaches the table and Brit and her pals objectify him until he agrees to meet them for a vague activity on Saturday at 1.00pm.


Saturday comes and Britney shows up LATE in her BMW circa 1.15pm.


She puts on some lip balm.


Then leaves her car and joins her friends to watch an ad for a gym.


The vague activity seems to be an open audition of some sort. Men and boys audition for an unexplained role.


Britney dances in a hallway/corridor thing.


There’s kissing and some sex with strangers.

Wait was that the audition? To have sex with Britney?

Who knows.

Her friends watch.


Britney dances some more.

And that’s it.

Watch it in full here.