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05th Sep 2019

Bridesmaid gets to pick outfit for sister’s wedding and wears this ridiculous costume

Gas all the same.

Denise Curtin

Now that’s just taking the biscuit.

You’ve got bridezillas and then you’ve got brides that are so chill they tell their bridesmaids to “wear what they want” on their big day.

I mean, it’s rare but they do exist.

Deanna Adams is one of these super chill brides in question who, on her big day, told her wedding party to choose what they wanted to wear.

Noting they’d probably be best at picking a dress that flattered their own body type etc, she definitely didn’t think that by giving them free rein her own sister would choose the most bizarre (but gas) outfit.


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Yes, the brides very own Maid of Honour chose to wear an inflatable T-Rex outfit for sauntering down the aisle while her sister said her “I dos”.

The sister, Christina, told the DailyMail that the idea first started as a joke but then, her sister (the bride) basically dared her to wear the dress and so, it became more of a competition as to who’d back down first.


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Granted, neither of them caved and so, Christina wore the costume.

In the end, her sister was apparently not bothered by it and so, all is gravy.

Mad but sure look.