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16th Dec 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch Admits He Jokingly Auditioned for Star Wars as a Lightsaber

Props for creativity!

It’s probably one of the more inventive “auditions” we’ve heard of…

Benedict Cumberbatch has been part of some of the biggest movies in recent years but there’s one in particular film franchise that he’d really love to have a role in: Star Wars.

The actor was chatting to talk show host  Conan O’Brien, when he revealed that he pestered director JJ Abrams for a role in the upcoming Episode VII as a lightsaber.

Conan asked The Hobbit star: “I heard that you very much would like to be in Star Wars and you’re lobbying JJ. Is that true?”

“Yeah, it started with me with sort of…I just sort of would leave casual messages on his phone as a lightsaber,” the actor replied. “I thought he thought he was getting bad cell reception or something.”

He may not get the role, but we’d like to think he’d at least make it onto set with this killer Chewbacca impression!

According to Cumberbatch, Ford seemed “very traumatized afterwards”