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13th Sep 2017

Bella Thorne fans FURIOUS with Perez Hilton after he posted this picture

'You're a disgrace!'

Orlaith Condon

Fans of the teen star are furious with the gossip columnist after he bated online trolls with a photo caption contest.

Perez Hilton is no stranger to backlash and often manages to find himself in the centre of a lot of criticism.

Well, this should be familiar territory for him then as fans of Bella Thorne slammed the online blogger for asking his followers to caption a of picture of the star.

Sharing an image of Bella with her underboob on show, Perez said:

“Fill in the blank! Bella Thorne ________.”

Fill in the blank! @BellaThorne __________.

A post shared by Perez Hilton (@theperezhilton) on

Unsurprisingly, followers got nasty pretty quick, making comments about Bella’s body.

“Her boob is decomposing,” wrote one follower.

“That’s a total zombie boob. Looks so weird,” wrote another.

However, it wasn’t long until others came to the defense of the 19-year-old with many attacking Perez for encouraging body-shaming.

“It’s really sad that Perez Hilton has nothing better to do than encourage bullying. Celebrity or not, it’s never OK to put someone down.

“The fact that this picture is still up is absolutely disgusting,” wrote one follower.

“You’re a flat out c**t for instigating body shaming for no reason whatsoever.

“Is your life really that pathetic?” wrote another angry follower.

Bella Thorne is well-known for promoting body positivity and has hit back at those who have made comment on her appearance in the past.

However, the star has yet to comment on Perez’s post.