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03rd Jul 2013

“Be Yourself” – Eleven Reasons “Just Friends” Is A Hidden Comedy Gem

If you haven't seen it, you really must.

We are huge fans of Ryan Reynolds in towers, but that love stems from one of his finest, funniest and completely underrated films, Just Friends. Reynolds plays a record producer who is assigned to look after Anna Faris’ completely delusional Samantha, but he secretly has never gotten over the love of his life.

This is really one of the best and funniest comedies you will ever see, here are eleven reasons why that is the truth.

1. I Swear

The wonderful intro to the love story, sung by the slightly larger Ryan. Just hilarious.

2. Brotherly Love

Chris and Mike really love each other. Really.

3. Blueberry

That is all.



5. Forgiveness

Arguably the greatest song ever written.

6. Hello Joyce?

It’s never Joyce. Never.

7. Be Yourself

Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself…

8. Anna Faris

Just in general. I’m sorry I’m not boring!

9. The Most Spectacular Ruination of a Christmas Display Ever

So Samantha found out Chris was lying about where he was and amidst the anger, turned up to Jamie’s house and promptly wrecks the place.

10. Ryan Reynolds Comic Timing

Who else could pull this off so brilliantly?

11. That Entire Hockey Sequence

This is only a snippet of how amazing that actually was…