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26th Dec 2018

Apparently Ross was the ‘main character’ in Friends all along

Jade Hayden

Sorry, nah.

Who’s your favourite Friends character?

Is it Monica because of her incessant need for a routine and cleanliness?

Rachel because her haircuts were always on point?

Joey because he liked food just as much as, if not more than, you do.

Or perhaps it’s Phoebe because the Smelly Cat song will forever be imprinted in your brain until the day you die.

Or it could even be Chandler, the underdog, who rose to the top after years of being mocked and disregarded, becoming one of the most respected and genuinely sound characters on TV.

Whatever your decision, chances are it’s not going to be Ross.

Like, he’s grand but Ross is hardly anybody’s favourite character. He’s too self absorbed for that, too irritating, too focused on his own desires and issues to really care all that much about anybody else.

But sure look, either way it doesn’t really matter because Ross is technically the main character in Friends anyway, so we cant talk.

No, really, he is.

Science has proven it.

Last year, a dude named Yashu Seth used the scripts from all 10 seasons of the show to determine who the main character was.

He considered things like the amount of lines spoken, the number of words allocated to each character, the amount of times each character was mentioned by another character, and the amount of screen time each of them were given.

And yeah, Ross came out on top.

Madness, we know.

While Yashu Seth admitted that it came pretty close between Ross and Rachel, he had to give Ross the crown in the end – due to the amount of times he appeared onscreen alone compared to Rachel.

“Ross beats Rachel by a significant margin in the individual scene appearances,” he said.

“Besides, there was very little difference between them in the other parameters. Hence, I will have to give it to Ross.”

You can check out his entire analysis here. 


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