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16th Jul 2023

Another recoupling is set to shake the villa on tonight’s Love Island


It feels like we can’t watch an episode of Love Island these days that doesn’t end with a recoupling.

And it seems tonight’s episode is not going to be any different as another recoupling is set to shake the villa.

In a preview for Sunday night’s episode, the islanders head into the garden for the evening but it isn’t long before Scott receives a text which reads: “Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately.”

As the recoupling comes, the girls have their turn to choose who they want to stick with or if they want to changes things up.

One girl decides to make a speech that leaves a few eyebrows raised and one boy is left contemplating his feelings.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ella and Ella B exchange a few heated words after Ella B’s arrival caused quite the stir.

Ella B says: “I wanted to clear the air. Obviously, me coming in is not easy. With the whole Ty thing we do know each other and maybe I did say something that I apologise for.

“I shouldn’t have said ‘Battle of the Ellas’. I didn’t mean it in a malicious way.”

Ella says: “From my side, I don’t have anything bad against you. I feel like we’ve got off on a bit of the wrong foot. Me and you have never actually had a one on one conversation but I still tried to be friendly and civil.

“Ty has kissed lots of girls and for me that doesn’t really mean anything.”

However, Ella B then says: “He did say to me ‘That was a shame that was the last kiss’ and that’s why I said there were mixed signals because he just told me it was closed off.”

Later on, Ella speaks to Tyrique about the comments he made to Ella B, to which he says: “Why would you not talk to me after?”

Ella says: “It’s always something.”

Tyrique responds: “So, you don’t trust me now?”

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.