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06th Nov 2016

Adele could be getting married sooner than we thought

Wonderful news for the star.

Wonderful news for the singer.

A few weeks ago it was reported that Adele and her boyfriend Simon had got engaged.

And now less than a month since that news broke it’s being reported that they may be planning a Christmas wedding.

According to The Mirror, they’re planning a small low key ceremony in LA with a source telling them:

“The plan is to marry in LA. The wedding will be in one of the school holidays so Simon’s daughter can attend. It’s looking like it will be Christmas, but they want to keep details under wraps.”

The reason for doing it over Christmas is because they want Simon’s daughter to be able to attend on her school holidays.

The source also added, “Adele is not even wearing her engagement ring. They’re a private couple and only want their nearest and dearest there.”

Adele is notoriously private so it’s likely that it will happen without anyone knowing.