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08th Nov 2016

6 reasons you need to start watching The Affair immediately


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Did you like Revenge? Then you’re going to love The Affair.

Every so often a TV show will become such a massive hit in the US that we will start to hear about it across the pond here in Ireland and that’s definitely been the case for the hit TV show The Affair.

With a stellar cast and intense (we mean really intense) plot, we can totally see why everyone and their mother is tweeting, texting and talking about the show. With the 3rd season coming soon to Sky Atlantic now is definitely the time to get caught up on all the drama from seasons one and two on Sky Box Sets (and believe me there is a lot of drama).

Here are some of the reasons you’re going to want to start watching it.

Joshua Jackson

Alison’s Husband may look familiar to some savvy viewers. The lovely Joshua once played the role of Pacey Witter in Dawson’s Creek. While we’re slightly miffed to see him going out with anyone other than Joey Potter it’s nice to have him back on our screens.

The location

The perfect retreat for rich New Yorkers, the Hamptons has been the location of choice for lots of programmes recently (Girls, Blue Jasmine, and Revenge) but The Affair is the first to really show why. With shots of stunning beaches, idyllic scenery, and unbelievable houses the show will make you want to hop straight on a plane…Well at the start anyways.

Ruth Wilson

Ruth first came onto our screens as Alice Morgan in Luther and is killing it once again in this show. She’s absolutely nailed the American accent and is totally believable as the unsatisfied waitress waiting to be swept off her feet (or is she?). It’s easy to see why she won her Golden Globe.

Dual perspectives

The Affair is probably one of the only shows on TV daring enough to try something completely different with its storytelling. The whole story is told from the two different perspectives of the main characters, one male, and one female.  It is fascinating to watch how each of the characters perceive different situations and the actors pull it off completely.

Not everything is as it seems

It’s obvious from the start that something is afoot. In the beginning the main actors are recounting the said affair in what seems to be a police station. Each of the main characters give their version of events but this leads to lots of other questions. Who is telling the truth? What happened? Did someone die? All these unanswered questions will leave you on the edge of your seat.

It’s steamy as anything

Oh, Lordy! In the first episode alone there are at least four steamy scenes. The Affair has plenty of on screen action and it’s definitely not for anyone prudish.

Season 3 is coming soon to Sky Atlantic, so now is the time to lose yourself in The Affair, with Seasons 1-2 now on Sky Boxsets. Sky customers can upgrade for just €7 a month by pressing the red button.


Main image courtesy of Sky.