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10th Jun 2018

5 movies on Netflix to watch with the girls tonight

That’s tonight’s plans sorted.

What better way to spend your Sunday night than with a good movie?

Add a cup of tea and a bag of popcorn to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a hella’ good night.

Well, Netflix always has some seriously good flicks to choose from, and we thought we’d narrow down the search a little with our top five picks for you.

Here are five movies to consider watching tonight.


1. The Edge of Seventeen

Plot: When Nadine’s best (and only) friend starts dating her detested older brother, the teenage cynic’s life becomes even more unbearable.


2. Bridesmaids

Plot: When an underemployed baker becomes her best friend’s maid-of-honour, she almost ruins the big day due to her competition with the other bridesmaids.


3. Say When

Plot: Desperately clinging to her youth, 28-year-old Megan tells her boyfriend she’s attending a career seminar but hangs out with a teenage friend instead.


4. The DUFF

Plot: When a smart high schooler learns she’s the Designated Ugly Fat Friend in her popular clique, she enlists a jock’s help for a massive makeover.


5. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

Plot: A reporter decides to shake up her life and career by embedding with troops in a Middle East war zone, where she rediscovers her journalistic talents.