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27th Jun 2015

15 Thoughts We Had While Watching Jurassic World

It has dominated at the box office since its release

Rebecca McKnight

Jurassic World has been dominating the box office since it’s release and it’s not surprising considering that it’s incredibly entertaining.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard star in the sequel to the original (which we still hold dear in our film-loving hearts).

The concept is pretty much the same – Dinosaur park is opened to the public. Something goes wrong. Everyone ends up running for their lives.

Here are a few things we thought about when we were watching it…

1. God, Chris Pratt is attractive.

2. Raptors could make nice pets.

3. This is why you shouldn’t sit in the front rows.

4. Because that sounds like a good idea… NOT.

5. Asking for trouble…

6. Great question.

7. We know he’s sweaty but we’d still lick his face.

8. There’s no way she could be wearing heels this whole time.

9. How has she not jumped on him yet?

10. The poor goats, always getting the short straw.

11. Brilliant.

12. What lipstick is she wearing? It stays on SO well.


14. We love the throwbacks to the original.

15. A worthy successor. We’d totally watch that again.