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11th Jul 2012

You’ve Stolen Me Hair-t! Hairy Actors That Tickle Our Fancy

Do you like hairy men? No? We reckon this list of hunky but hairy actors may just change your mind. It worked on us anyway!

Rebecca McKnight

Facial hair is one of those things that you either like or you don’t. But we have to admit the ‘to hair or not to hair’ debate takes on an entirely new slant when you’re talking about Hollywood’s hottest male celebs.

So the team at HQ got to work to find ten of the hottest actors who are rather fond of the aul facial hair and to be honest we’re rather fond of them too.

1. Tom Selleck – Despite being in the hit film Three Men and a Baby and Friends, Tom Selleck is most famous for his… moustache. He is undoubtedly one of the coolest men in Hollywood and it all comes down to his facial fluff which has become iconic in its own right.

2. Cillian Murphy – Inception and 28 Days Later star Cillian Murphy most certainly looks a lot more rugged with a bit of stubble. We’ll admit that his perfectly chiselled jaw and cheek bones help considerably.

3. Paul Rudd – We’ll be honest, we’d take Paul Rudd whether he had facial hair or not! But his beard does give him a little something extra that we just can’t get enough of. That’s one beard we wouldn’t mind tickling our chins.

4. Colin Farrell – Irish charmer Colin Farrell is a bad boy and what better defines a bad boy than a bit of facial hair? That’s right, nothing. So Colin, yes we’ll take the heavy stubble but get rid of the shirt please.

5. Russell Crowe – If there’s one actor who should never shave his face ever again, it has to be Gladiator star Russell Crowe. So he might be known for having a bit of an attitude but with the facial hair plus the Australian accent, who really cares?

6. Michael Fassbender – We’re going to put it out there and say that we think Michael Fassbender looks better with a beard. We know he doesn’t need one to be classified as hot but we think it adds to his appeal.

7. Jon Hamm – This Mad Men star and facial hair are a match made in heaven. Out of all of our hairy celebrities, Jon Hamm is the one that suits facial hair the most. And we’re not fussy; we’d have him with a touch of stubble or a full-on beard.

8. Tom Hardy – So we would cut back a tad on the beard he’s been seen in most recently but the Inception and Batman star certainly knows how to rock a bit of facial hair. It’s like he goes from a baby faced assassin to a hunky hard man. We like!

9. Michael Sheen – He’s one of our favourite actors at the moment and the fact that he’s going out with Rachel McAdams totally works in his favour. So too does that beard he’s been sporting of late.

10. Gary Oldman – Seeing as we started with a long-standing moustache we thought it would be fitting to end with one too. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’s leading man has had his moustache for as long as we can remember. In fact, we reckon he’d look pretty strange without it.

We found lots of hot male movie stars who we thought looked better with a bit of facial hair but we reckon we’ve picked the best ten, don’t you?