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06th Jul 2012

Woman Admits To Smashing Simon Cowell’s Window with a Brick

Simon Cowell has had a little trouble with Leanne Zaloumis lately as she admits to smashing his bathroom window in the dead of night.

It seems like music mogul Simon Cowell has attracted a crazy.

ITV News reported that thirty-year-old Leanne Zaloumis admitted to smashing a window in Cowell’s London home on March 24.

Simon was watching telly when he heard noises coming from his bathroom and his staff found that the window had been broken with a heavy brick.

Zaloumis was arrested and held at Isleworth Crown Court. She was granted bail on the condition that she stays at least 300 yards of Cowell’s Holland Park Property.

She also has been ordered to wear an electronic tag and stay in her home between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

We can understand people who stalk Ryan Gosling and the likes but Simon Cowell? Really?