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27th Jul 2012

Who Would You Pick Between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel?

They are good friends both on and off screen but who wins the battle between the I Love You, Man stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel?

Rebecca McKnight

Rebecca says: Paul Rudd

My adoration of/ obsession with Paul Rudd began when I first saw him in teen flick Clueless many years ago. And even though it was sort of weird that he wanted to go out with his stepsister, it didn’t matter. I still wanted to be Cher sitting there on the stairs when he leaned in to kiss her for the first time.

Then he sort of disappeared from my life, at least until he made his appearance as Phoebe Buffay’s love interest in Friends. With slightly longer hair, a little more bulk on his body and the same irresistible charm my infatuation was kick-started again.

As Mike Hannigan he was everything I remembered: cute, funny, charming, geeky, romantic. I mean they got married in the snow for goodness sake, what more could you want in a man?

Just when I thought my crush couldn’t get any worse, a succession of films came out that cranked it up a gear. It started with 40 Year Old Virgin and continued with Role Models, which might I add he co-wrote, and I Love You, Man.

The thing is Paul Rudd is not just too cute to be true but he reduces me to tears with his films. He has that killer combination of good looks and humour that nobody can resist, unless of course they have a heart of stone!

He’s sort of geeky but unbelievably cute. He’s a bit of a loser but incredibly funny. He’s sweet but looks like a fantastic kisser. All of this accumulates to make him pretty damn hot and I gladly accept now that I’m doomed to a life adoring Paul Rudd.

Just in case he’s reading this, Paul you can slap the bass any time you like in front of me. (I didn’t mean that to sound quite as wrong as it does and I am actually referring to a guitar). And when we get married, feel free to invite Jason Segel as your best man because I think he’s an absolute hoot as well!

Michelle Says: Jason Segel

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd share the screen in my absolute favourite bromance movie of all time – I Love You, Man. As a result – I Love Those Men. Super cute and hilariously funny, how could you choose between them?

But if choose we must (and editor says we must) then I’m all for Sir Segel. Who doesn’t watch How I Met Your Mother and wish to be Lily-Pad to Segel’s Marshall? That’s just a character though, so let’s have a look at real life and see how Segel stacks up.

Firstly, he’s loyal. Jason got his big break playing Nick in Judd Apatow’s short-lived (but awesome) TV series Freaks and Geeks. Thirteen years on the two are still work together, most recently on This is Forty, a Knocked Up spin-off due out later this year.

He’s making Michelle Williams happy. The My Week With Marilyn star went through some serious heartache in recent years, losing the father of her child when Heath Ledger tragically died. Lately, the low-key romance between Michelle and Jason seems to be bringing a smile to her face, and we’re all for that.

And finally – he’s a big kid. The Muppets return to the big screen back in February was one of the absolute highlights of our year, and Jason Segel is the man who made it happen. He wrote the film and played the lead to absolute perfection; completely loveable but all the while letting our childhood friends stay firmly in the spotlight. Anyone who can share a screen with Kermit, Piggy and Fozzie and still be the cutest in the room – WINNER!