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13th Aug 2012

Wedding Bells? Kim Kardashian Reportedly Wants her Divorce Finalised so she can Marry Kanye!

Kim Kardashian is apparently eager to get her new fella down the aisle...

You’d think that her previous experiences would have put her off marriage for life, but according to reports coming in from the States, Kim Kardashian is getting ready to race down the aisle again – and this time, it’s with Kanye West.

RadarOnline reports that Kim Kardashian is apparently getting impatient with the ongoing divorce proceedings between herself and her ex-hubby Kris Humphries. Why is she so keen to be done with Kris? Well, the reality TV star is allegedly talking marriage with Kanye West and wants to tie the knot with him pronto!

“There is going to be a scheduled status conference on Wednesday for Kim and Kris’ divorce. Kris has already been deposed, but Kim hasn’t been yet. Kim has told her lawyer that the case is dragging because Kris is determined to keep his name in the press and drag her name through the mud. Kim is ready to get engaged to Kanye, but doesn’t want to until her divorce is finalized,” said a source, speaking to RadarOnline.

“Kim feels that Kanye is the man she is going to spend the rest of her life with, and she doesn’t want to wait. Kim’s deposition will likely take place in the next few weeks, but she feels nothing is going to be gained by it,” the source added.

For anyone wonder what “deposing” is, it simply means to make a written, sworn statement and give evidence about what happened. So in Kim’s case, she has to tell her side of the story and likewise, Kris has to tell his.

Kris is currently maintaining that he was duped into marrying Kim last year and that their marriage was a fraud from the beginning, and it is unclear where Kim stands on the matter, but according to reports, she wants her divorce and she wants it now!

What do you think ladies? Do you think Kim and Kanye will be happily married by the end of the year or do you think it will all end in tears?