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06th Jul 2012

We Could be Heroes But These Celebs Already Are

In movie world they save peoples' lives all the time. But these heroic celebs went the extra mile for strangers in the real world as well.

We see them beating bad guys and saving their soul mates every day on the big screen but increasingly the Hollywood A-list is proving it can be heroic in real life too.

Here are five stars that have come to the rescue of someone in need:

1. Ryan Gosling – Just when we thought we couldn’t want him more, he had to go and break up a fight on a street in New York City. It’s like he’s a real-life Batman or something. If only! Then all we’d have to do is construct a giant bat light signal and shine it into the sky just over our building to get him to drop in.  

2. Jennifer Lawrence – She is the most recent of our Hollywood stars to come to somebody’s rescue. According to reports The Hunger Games leading lady called the paramedics when a woman fainted near her apartment block. And there we were thinking she was just a pretty face.

3. Vin Diesel – Proving he is just as tough in reality as he is on the big screen, Vin Diesel came to the aid of a family who had been in a terrible car accident. Apparently The Fast and the Furious star (ironic we know) pulled two kids and a woman out of a car that went up in flames minutes later. What a guy!

4. Kate Winslet – Last year English rose Kate Winslet showed just how useful she could be in an emergency when she came to the rescue of Richard Branson’s mother. The multi-millionaire’s holiday home went up in flames with his and Kate’s family inside. Thankfully nobody was hurt. If only Kate could have done the same for Jack in Titanic.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – He is undoubtedly the action man of all action men and that is why we weren’t surprised to hear that Arnie rescued a swimmer in Hawaii back in 2004. Apparently the governor was on holidays when he spotted a swimmer getting into bother. He swam out and brought him back to the shore safely.

So it’s not saving the world from a murderous robotic race or trying to survive a sinking boat that has hit an iceberg but still, these stars have impressed us here in the office and we take our hats off to them. Well done!