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26th Nov 2014

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Is A ‘Horrible’ Interviewee In This Fantastic Prank

The Horrible Bosses star agreed to the cruel prank.


We feel nothing but sympathy for this guy… 

Interviewing a Hollywood movie star is a daunting task. Christopher Stark found himself in a living nightmare when a chat with Jennifer Aniston took a turn for the worst, thankfully for the BBC Radio 1 presenter, it was all a prank.

Aniston, who was on a promo tour for latest film ‘Horrible Bosses’, agreed to take part on the prank planned by radio host Scott Mills.

The actress agreed to live up to the movie title when Stark asked how difficult it is for a famous person to let someone know they’re interested in dating.

The result is hilarious and we must take our hats off to poor Stark, he handled it extremely well.

Video via YouTube/BBC Radio 1