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22nd Feb 2014

Watch: Ian McKellen Talks About the Importance of Coming Out

The actor has spoken about the importance of coming out.

Sir Ian McKellen has spoken about the importance of coming out and his admiration for Ellen Page who recently revealed that she is gay.

His X-Men co-star made the announcement earlier this month saying that she felt she had a responsibility to come out.

“All this has come to a happy conclusion, hasn’t it?” McKellen said while chatting to Buzzfeed, “with Ellen Page – Kitty Pryde – coming out. That gladdened my heart so much.

“For people who are lonely… reading that about someone whose career they follow is a little bit of a help and encouragement to them to think it does get better.”

The actor also spoke about his own sexuality and the importance of coming out: “Anyone in public life who comes out, comes out primarily for themselves, and their life is immediately improved. That’s what happened to me. The world [became] a slightly better place.”