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02nd Aug 2012

Want to Know the Secret to Always Taking a Good Picture? Laura Whitmore’s Got It!

London during the Olympics, photo tips from Anna Friel, and a very rock n' roll mode of transport - just another week in the life of Laura Whitmore.


One of the perks to my job, besides the free clothes of course, is the diverse range of people I meet. 

I’m the sort of girl who could sit all day people-watching on the streets of London but thankfully, because of my career, I get to meet a huge variety of creative folk… in a less stalker-like manner. 

I’ve previously publicly proclaimed my love for singer/songwriter Lianne La Havas on this blog, (I’m sure her catchy ‘How Big Is Your Love’ tune is already embedded into your head). And if you haven’t heard this girl’s soulful serenades… Where the hell have you been?! 

I caught up with her again at a party for the Olympic Opening ceremony beside the stadium on Friday. How amazing was Danny Boyle’s production of the show? Lianne and I, as well as every other living being who watched the opening ceremony spectacular, were blown away.  


Laura enjoying the Olympic opening ceremony with her friend Dee, left, and singer Lianne La Havas

I’ve also recently come under the charm of an Irish duo Hudson Taylor, two brothers with a Mumford and Sons sound but with a James Dean look. I know, right? I’ll keep you updated when they have an official release, but they’ve loads of YouTube videos and there are big things to come from them, so thought I’d give you all a heads up. 

I met the beautiful actress Anna Friel at ITV studios on Monday. Her gorgeous fella Rhys Ifans was showing her some support for her appearance on Beat TV. They are such a good-looking couple! 

Anna was giving me and my cohosts Dave and Darren some tips on how to have a good photograph taken. Listen carefully… ALWAYS be lower than the camera. 


Beat TV hosts Darren, Laura and Dave, with actress Anna Friel

Sadly our photographer was not the tallest, so this is the reason why we are all on our knees, and the praying pose just seemed like the natural thing to do from that position… 

With London abuzz with tourists and a hub of international activity, the quickest way to get around this city is by motorbike. So for the next two weeks this is how I’m getting to and from the studio. TaxiBike… Very Rock n Roll!


TaxiBike – Laura’s ride to work for the next two weeks…