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22nd Dec 2022

Vogue Williams reveals all about her crazy night out with Ryan Tubridy after The Late Late Show

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Vogue Williams has opened up about the time she went on a wild night out with none other than Ryan Tubridy after she appeared on The Late Late Show.

Speaking about the last time she was on the show, she recalled partying with Ryan where they had a “great” time, to say the least.

Vogue appeared on the show on December 9th of this year, and speaking about the series on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me with comedian Joanne McNally, she revealed it ended with her falling asleep on her sister’s bed fully clothed.

Speaking on the podcast, Vogue told Joanne: “I’ll tell you what, I love Ryan Tubridy. Amber [her sister] has openly admitted that she fancies Ryan Tubridy. She’s a lesbian, but she fancies Ryan Tubridy.

“He’s so nice. I had the nicest time.”

Saying that she only had a small drink before the show, she was then joined by her sister Amber who had come from her work Christmas party and the wild night only continued.

She said: “So I got there, and I always have to have a drink before I go on, so I had a drink and a half before I went on, and then I came on, and then Amber arrived from her work party, and she’d been there since 4pm.

“I was just like, ‘Oh my god, Amber is in an absolute hula hoop.’ Anyway, we stayed on; Ryan came out, we stayed drinking with Ryan, until about half one in the morning.

“Do you think I remember one moment of getting home?”

Joanne asked: “Vogue, what is going on with you at the moment? I’ve never known someone to take such a turn at such an old age. Like, who suddenly becomes craic at 39? It’s bananas!”

Vogue corrected her for adding two years to her age, saying: “37, get lost! I’ll tell you what happened, right? I can’t handle my drink. So I got into the taxi to go home, obviously fell asleep.

She continued: “Amber said I then tried to fall asleep on the kitchen floor? And then Spencer was ringing me, obviously, I didn’t see it.

“I woke up, as a 37-year-old woman, in my jumpsuit, in my sister’s bed.”