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18th Aug 2023

Vogue Williams apologises for false information about Spencer Matthew’s hospitalisation

Vogue Williams has issued an apology after giving false information about her husband Spencer Matthews’ hospitalisation.

The Made In Chelsea star was in hospital for two days during a recent trip to Spain, with Vogue claiming it was due to him “overdosing” on cold sore tablets.

Speaking on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, she told her co-host Joanne McNally: “Spenny was hospitalised for two days because he is a little b***h and he can’t handle it.”

Vogue was then asked why Spencer was hospitalised, to which she replied: “Well I will tell you what, he overdosed on coldsore tablets. I am not joking, I am not joking, I’m not.

“He overdosed on cold sore tablets and his liver function, because he did it for a full week, taking ten of these things and he said ‘oh they’re fine’ and he did it to me when I thought I felt a tingle and he said ‘darling take six of these and you’ll be fine’ and you’re only meant to take two.”

Now, Vogue has revealed she may have “embellished” the story.

Speaking on the latest episode of the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast, Vogue said: “I have to say, we’ve got to be careful about what we say about Spencer on this pod.

“Because that story – it hasn’t gone away and it’s gone to something like 43 news outlets now.

“Basically, we both got a bacterial stomach infection, but I took what the doctor thought it was literally, and then spread it like wildfire on our podcast.”

Never change, Vogue.