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29th Apr 2015

VIDEO: One Avenger’s Version of “Thinking Out Loud” is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Who knew he had this voice?!

Rebecca McKnight

Fans of The Avengers will already know that, as the talent goes, poor old Hawkeye gets a raw deal. 

He’s some man for one man and all that, but when you put him in a line-up alongside the likes of Thor, Iron Man and Hulk… well, lets just say his talents aren’t the most obviously impressive.


So how do you tackle that public perception? Naturally, in song.

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye dropped by  The Tonight Show on Tuesday and stunned the audience with a soulful rendition, outlining all his special and secret super powers.

Really, who doesn’t appreciate a good scarf collection and free guacamole?

Come back Hawkeye, all is forgiven.