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28th Feb 2013

VIDEO: Fashion Police Takes It A Step Too Far? Adele Is Joan Rivers’ Latest Bait

But the audience didn't seem too impressed...


We know taking the pee out of fellow celebrities is Joan Rivers’ bread and butter. She’s paid to say offensive things.

But this week she set her sights on Adele and might have taken it a step too far.

Speaking with US TV host David Letterman about meeting Adele at the Oscars last weekend, Joan puffed out her cheeks and spread her arms out to show that she thinks Adele is large.

She continued her barrage of insults by saying she thinks Adele should add “Fried Chicken” to the title of her hit song, Rolling In The Deep.

The audience at The Late Show with David Letterman had a mixed reaction to Joan’s comments, with a mix of shocked laughed and boos making the E! Fashion Police host to shout out sarcastically,“Oh no! No, she’s thin.”

This isn’t the first time Joan’s been a bit obnoxious about Adele’s weight, post-Oscars she tweeted,

“On Sunday night, you could easily pick Adele’s Oscar statuette out of a lineup. It was the only one wearing Spanx.”


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