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13th Aug 2012

Victoria Beckham: ‘I was a Popstar for the Night!’

She reportedly felt 'emotionally blackmailed' into appearing, but following the Spice Girls performance at last night's cloing ceremony for London 2012, Victoria Beckham seemed on top of the world.

She was reported to feel ‘emotionally blackmailed’ into a Spice Girls reunion in the weeks leading up to the closing ceremony of London 2012, but if Victoria Beckham’s tweets are anything to go by she’s delighted with how it all went down.

The artist formerly known as ‘Posh’ joined Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Melaine Chisholm and Melanie Brown to perform once again as the Spice Girls. The quintet stood atop black taxis to sing their break out hit ‘Wannabe’ and anthem ‘Spice Up Your Life’.

Later, Victoria took to her Twitter account to profess her love for her former bandmates, saying ‘We did it!! I love you girls so much!!!!! Xxx vb’.


Picture 7

Girl Power: Victoria professes her love for the other Spice Girls on Twitter

Victoria followed up with another tweet saying ‘I was a pop star for the night!!’, with a picture of herself in action. 

Picture 6

Posh the Popstar – Victoria tweeted this snap of herself to fans

Popstar for the night? Maybe so, but perhaps not quite as ‘rockstar’ in behaviour as Geri, Emma and Mel B, who partied ‘till the break of dawn’ today, with Mel B still sporting her stage attire.


Picture 7

Till the break of dawn: Three Spice Girls were still partying this morning