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13th Aug 2012

Venus and Serena Williams Throw a Dance Party Celebrate Their Olympic Triumphs

The super sisters started an impromptu dance party instead of hitting the town.


Venus and Serena Williams celebrated their Olympic success by throwing a dance party in their mother’s London apartment.

The record smashing sisters rocked out in the Wimbledon apartment after nabbing the gold in the doubles.

Serena also won the gold in the women’s singles.

According to The New York Post Venus said: “We didn’t hit the town. My sister and I started a dance party at the apartment my mom rented. But mom kept saying ‘Turn the music down, the neighbors are going to complain.’”

The sisters served cocktails made with Grey Goose vodka at the party.

Serena and Venus embrace after winning gold in the doubles

Venus said that representing America in the Olympics is a huge honour.

“Competing for my country in the Olympics was the biggest honor. It was so exciting to carry the Olympic torch through Wimbledon, and it was incredible to visit the athletes’ village,” she said.

Venus is an avid button collector and spent her time in the Olympic village swapping pins with other athletes from all over the world.  

“Only North Korea didn’t want to swap with us. They saw my sister’s US pin and just said, ‘No.’” thinks the sisters deserve to have a little fun after all their hard work this year!