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07th Aug 2012

US Swimming Champ Lochte Only Has Eyes For Blake Lively

Ryan Lochte has admitted he has a crush on Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively.

He may have been voted the Olympics’ hottest athlete but it looks like Ryan Lochte only has eyes for one girl.

The US Champion swimmer said there is only one woman he would settle down for, and that is the gorgeous Blake Lively.

Looks like our chances are dwindling fairly swiftly ladies…

Ryan was mortified last week when his own mother claimed he only had “time for one-night stands” because of his strict daily swimming regimes.

The 28-year-old was red-faced when his mother attempted to justify her claim, saying her son was so preoccupied with getting ready for London 2012 he didn’t have time to woo and treat a girl.

But the Olympics’ hottest athlete seems to have no problem chatting about his own love life, especially about his crush on Gossip Girl actress Blake who is 24 years of age.

When asked who Lochte would bring to a desert island, the oduble-gold medal winner said;

“Right now, Blake Lively. Yeah, she’s gorgeous.”

We don’t think actor Ryan Reynolds, Blake’s boyfriend, should be too worried about Lochte sweeping the actress off her feet. When asked what his chat-up line would be, Ryan Lochte responded, “Hi. You want to go to an island with me?”

Well, we’d say yes Ryan. Who could say no to those abs resting next to us on an exotic beach.

Ryan Lochte’s crush, Blake Lively.

Lochte attempted to correct his mother’s faux-pas, saying; “She meant that I go out on dates, not the one-night stands in a bad way that everyone else thinks,” he said.

“I’m young, but that’s not me.”

“I like being in a relationship and when I am in a relationship I want to give them my entire heart and lately I have not been able to do that because swimming has just taken such a big role in my life.”

We understand Ryan, no worries…