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18th Jun 2021

Una Healy would be “delighted” if The Saturdays reunited

A Saturdays reunion? Oh yes please.

Una Healy has revealed that she would be thrilled if her ex-girl group The Saturdays were to get back together.

The singer said that she would be “delighted” to see the girls rejoin, even hinting that the whole thing is a possibility in the future.

However, Una did give a little big of a downside to the news. She told RTE that the only time soon that we’ll get to see them all reunited is when the nostalgia kicks in.

The girls are in contact with each other regularly, but the group is waiting for “nostalgia to kick-in” before anything happens.

The 39 year old wants fans to be able go back in time and remember the old times if they do ever reform.

She told RTÉ: “It’s all about timing and I think that now would be a little bit too soon for us to come back together.”

“But I hope that the day will come and I would be delighted to get back together with the girls.”

Una also revealed that she and the girls meet up whenever they can, which is definitely looking positive for an official reunion.

She added: “We hang out when we can and keep in touch all the time on the Whatsapp group.”