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10th Jul 2012

Tyra Banks Believes a Large Forehead Gives Her Special Powers

'America's Next Top Model' host Tyra Banks wants you to love your body. She's shared a very strange and funny picture with her fans, but don't worry - she's still smizing.

Tyra Banks is never shy when it comes to giving life advice, so anyone out there with a large forehead… listen up! 

The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ creator and host asked her fans to tell her all about their favourite body parts last night, (but issued a warning to keep it PG). 

Given her fondness for ‘smizing’, it would be fair to guess Tyra’s own favourite body part would be her eyes, but she surprised fans with a follow-up showing love for her forehead. 

Banks shared this hilarious Instagram picture of herself with a scarily similar looking sculpture, and the caption: ‘4head Crew! When we find like-headed ones, we MUST transfer our powers to each other’.

Tyra – you’re our favourite kind of crazy. Don’t ever change.