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18th Aug 2021

Fans are remembering Sean Lock’s funniest moments

Charlie Herbert

The comedian passed away on Wednesday at the age of 58.

The world of comedy and entertainment has been rocked by the devastating news that Sean Lock has died of cancer.

Over his career he produced a whole host of legendary moments, often alongside Jimmy Carr and Jon Richardson on the popular Channel 4 panel show.

Here we take a look back at some of his best moments that show just how much his dry humour and wit will be missed.

The Tiger Who Came For A Pint

Perhaps the best clip to show someone if you wanted to explain what Sean Lock was all about. His parody of the famous children’s book was just perfect…

Carrot in a box

A clip to remind you that, no matter how little he seemed to care when taking on Jon Richardson, he always enjoyed getting one over on his opposition team captain.

When he revealed what he’d like his obituary to say

Whilst he was a very dry comic, Lock also had a wonderful sense of silliness to his comedy as well, demonstrated in this clip…

“That’s a challenging w*nk”

We’ll finish with what is, for my money, his finest moment. Lock had a knack of reducing his co-stars to tears of laughter, and here, with just four words, he sends the studio into raptures.

RIP to a true legend.