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06th Jun 2019

Two contestants on Love Island are going to get it on tonight and we’re here for it

Olivia Hayes


If you haven’t noticed from that opening, we’re big fans of Amy and Curtis. They happily took us away from watching the love square of last night’s episode which saw Lucie crying, Tommy lying and Joe being a straight up control freak.

Amy and Curtis are good together. They’re lovely human beings. They’re legit and they speak the truth. Everything you want in a person, really.

And it looks like the two lovelies are going to get even closer tonight.

In the episode tonight, Amy is in the Beach Hut, and says: “Curtis is such a lovely person and the word I use is sunny. He is such a sunny person. He lights up all the rooms he goes into.”

Curtis also admits to fancying Amy, and says that he wants to give her a little smooch. In the Beach Hut, he admits: “I took her aside tonight. I was going to try and give her a cheeky little kiss but the circumstances were completely wrong. It did not go to plan at all.”

Ah, but all is not lost. Before the Islanders say goodnight, Amy speaks with the girls and tells them: “I’m going to instigate the snuggle tonight.”

She also adds in the Beach Hut “I really fancy Curtis. He’s got a really beautiful little face and a really good body. So, win-win.”

Oooh, what’s going to happen?!

We’ll be chatting all about whether Amy and Curtin get it on tonight on our Love Island podcast, I’ve Got A Text.

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