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10th Jul 2012

Twilight Star Robert Pattinson Wants to Have a Go at Bond

Robert Pattinson. Shaken not Stirred. 

Twilight’s Edward Cullen said that he would love the opportunity to play international spy, James Bond.

Twenty six year old Robert Pattinson said he would love to play Bond in twenty years time, according to RTÉ.

“Yeah, I’d definitely like to go for Bond, but in more like twenty years.

“There’d be nothing worse than, like, ‘Let’s get a fresh-faced Bond!’ That would be the worst idea in the world. It would be ridiculious to reinvent it as some young posh kid,” he said.

“After Daniel Craig you have to have some baggage. I’d have to be tortured in the first few scenes. I’d have to do the first film with no arm or something,” he continued.

Will Robert even be famous in twenty years? We’re not sure he’d make a great Bond but maybe he’ll prove us wrong! What do you think?