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03rd Jul 2023

Watch: Saoirse Ruane’s family surprise her with a puppy and her reaction is so emotional

Kat O'Connor

Toy Show star Saoirse Ruane has welcomed an adorable Bernese Mountain puppy into her family.

The 11-year-old, who is fighting cancer for a third time, has welcomed a little puppy called Willow. And she may be the cutest dog we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Toy Show star’s mum shared an adorable video of Willow as she adjusts to life in her new home.

In the clip, Willow can be seen running around their family home in Galway and playing with Saoirse.

Her mum wrote, “One week of loving Willow.

“It’s been eventful, to say the least, but I can honestly say we’d be lost without her now. The joy she brings each of us every day is immense, especially Saoírse,” she continued.

“We’ve one training session of 5 done and even that first session was so insightful.”

“The house will get back in order, the floors will eventually be cleaner than they currently are and the routine will settle, but for now, we’re enjoying the fun and getting to know,” the mum-of-two added.

Saoirse mum also said she believes Willow will be very protective of her daughter.

She told their followers that she is always putting her paws around Saoirse’s prosthetic leg when they’re playing.

Saoirse’s mum said she has been asking for a dog for the past six years and her dream has finally come true.

Earlier this summer, Saoirse’s family confirmed she will continue her cancer treatment at their home in Galway. Her mum praised Saoirse for being so strong, so brave and so positive during such a terrifying experience.

Saoirse’s doctors diagnosed her with cancer for a third time earlier this year. They previously found tumours in both her leg and her lung, but Saoirse is doing well amid treatment.