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06th Jul 2012

Top Ten Bald Beauties

Be it a personal choice or for a film, we are celebrating the stunning stars who have shaved off their luscious locks over the years...

Rebecca McKnight

Whether it’s a style choice or a work requirement, shaving your head is a serious decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

But here are some famous females who decided to take the plunge and we have to admit they look incredible having done so.

1. Sinead O’Connor

How could you forget that video? Yes we’re talking about the Nothing Compares 2 U video in which Sinead O’Connor had a shaved head and looked absolutely stunning. It was her defining moment and we still enjoy watching it.

2. Charlize Theron

As the most recent A-list actress to shave off her hair, Charlize Theron is showing that she is willing to go that extra mile for her work. And we certainly admire her for it not only because she has shaved her hair off but she is sporting one cool hat. Now that’s real style right there!

3. Demi Moore

It was arguably one of the most memorable moments in movie history. Well for fans of Demi Moore anyway. She shaved her hair off in front of the camera for the 1997 action flick G.I. Jane.  By the way anyone who doesn’t like it can suck her… we’re not really going to say it.

4. Natalie Portman

Not even a shaved head can detract from Natalie Portman’s beauty. If anything it simply highlights her striking looks. While we love her with hair we think she looked fabulous without it.

5. Amber Rose

Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose really rocks the shaved head look. Not only is it attention-grabbing but it perfectly compliments her I don’t care what you think attitude. We only wish we had such confidence.

6. Anne Hathaway

For her role in Les Misérables the One Day star shaved off her luscious locks. And to be honest she looks far from miserable. In fact we reckon she looks incredible. All in a hard day’s work, eh Anne?

7. Sofia Vassilieva

It was a film that firmly tugged on our heart strings but it did a little more to the young star who played the leading role. Sofia Vassilieva shaved her head and eyebrows off for the part. As if that’s not enough she also donated the wig made out of her own hair to charity.

8. Robin Tunney

The Craft star seems to be careful with the roles she picks but when Robin Tunney lands one she clearly puts her all into it. For her 1995 film Empire Records she took the plunge with the razor.

9. Agyness Deyn

The beautiful British supermodel, who has appeared on the front covers of Elle and Vogue, took a razor to her hair a few years back. But being a supermodel it only enhanced her good looks.

10. Willow Smith

For what is her most daring look yet, and let us tell you that’s an achievement in itself, Will Smith’s daughter has shaved off her hair. But we have to be honest we think she looks great. The only thing is she can no longer sing that song about whipping her hair back and forth.

Seeing all these bald beauties makes us want to grab the razor and get to work on our own heads. Anybody with us?