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25th Nov 2014

This Westlife Star Has a Lot to Say About One Direction…

"One Direction will never sell what Westlife sold".

Cathy Donohue

Former Westlife star Kian Egan has given his opinion on One Direction, saying they will never sell the same amount as Westlife did.

Speaking to Jarlath Regan for An Irishman Abroad, Kian voiced his thoughts on the music industry during the height of Westlife’s success.

“I think when you look back on the music industry, back in them days, it was a very, very different animal, a very different beast then.

“Not that it was easier to get a number one, but a physical copy was what people went out to buy to get a number one – now it’s a download. There’s so many different elements to it”.

Jodi Albert
Kian pictured with his wife Jodi

Kian then went on to talk about the fanbase Westlife had saying: “Our fanbase were just obsessed with having a copy of absolutely everything that we had. We were in the golden era of the music industry.

“I say this in no disrespect to One Direction, but One Direction will never sell what Westlife sold”.

The 34-year-old also referred to the possibility of One Direction splitting:

“One Direction would be fools to throw it away, absolutely fools – and I get the feeling they will.

“I watch them and they don’t seem to have this bond as tight as we had in Westlife – especially as they’ve only been together three or four years”.

Radio 1's Big Weekend - Day 2
The Westlife star said he thinks there is a possibility of One Direction splitting

Kian then spoke about his role as a judge on The Voice of Ireland, revealing that he is “open and honest” with the contestants.

“If I think someone isn’t great, I won’t tell them that but I’ll tell them why they’re not right for what we’re doing”.

You can listen to the full interview here.