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04th May 2013

This Week’s Top Five Celebland Tweets: Baby News, Men With PMS And A Different Kind Of #Lions2013

Celebrities creeping on one another... and a whole new meaning to #lions2013


Twitter… the ultimate celebrity creeping-machine.

The population of Celebland spend hours each day updating their Twitter with celebratory posts, bitchy posts, whimsical posts and, who could forget, the self-portrait photo posts…

In this celebrity feature, This Week’s Top 5 Celebland Tweets, we’ll be picking the top five tweets from the week that had us, and the world of Twitter, talking…

This week, we were creeping on…

1. Says It Like It Is

Miley thinks she saw Jesus on the 101. Didn’t know he’d be a Prius man… 

2. Baby News!

Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford announced herself and fiancé Wayne Bridge’s news on the Twitter machine. 

3. Bynes 4 Drake

We’d say Drake is just getting a tiny bit sick of the incessant tweeting, Amanda. And we don’t know if he’d appreciate his “far apart” eyes being pointed out either. 

4. PMS Problems

Good call Olivia, great call actually. 

5. Hubes Has Us Laughing

Amy adds her ha-penny’s worth to the hashtag, #lions2013. 


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