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05th Aug 2018

This is the reason we won’t see any pictures of Kate Middleton on holiday

Rebecca O'Keeffe

kate middleton


So as we all know, Kate Middleton has been spending some much-deserved time on holiday with her family.

She’s been busy all year, growing a human while also being a mum to two little royals.

Oh, and she is also married to the future King, so needless to say, she has her hands full.

The Cambridges recently jetted off to the Island of Mustique for some relaxation.

And did you notice that we haven’t seen a single snap of them on the beach?

Yeah, there’s a good reason.

kate middleton

Well, the island is actually privately owned, with very strict rules about press and cameras.

“Mustique is very exclusive and press and paparazzi can’t be within a certain distance from the island, which would explain why you only see long-lens, grainy shots of the royals,” a former holiday maker to Mustique said recently to Hello!.

“Security is really tight on the island.”

“We had hired a catamaran to tour around the Grenadines and were visiting Mustique for the day. As we were approaching the island, someone from the island’s security team sailed out and told us we weren’t allowed to bring cameras with us. It is a private island after all.”

kate middleton

They went on to share their glimpse of glamour while on the island:

“As soon as you dock, there are taxi drivers who you can hire to take you around and point out celebrity hotspots. They point out A-listers’ houses – we saw Bryan Adams, Tommy Hilfiger and Mick Jagger’s homes.”

“We went to Cotton House Hotel, Basil’s Bar and Macaroni Beach where we spotted Jade Jagger having a swim. We also saw Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy while we were having a drink at Basil’s Bar.”

“We also went past the sloped runway where the private jets land. It was like something out of James Bond. It was surrounded by lots of trees – it’s almost like a secret, hidden runway.”

kate middleton

Also having gawked at the website for the private island, it is clear that security is VERY tight too.

Apparently, every visitor is registered with the island’s security team before arriving, whether staff, local islander or guest. I wonder if Kate and Wills have to register?

Anyway, it sounds like the perfect escape from the madness that is royal life.