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08th Mar 2013

Ten Things We’d Love to Say to Kristen Stewart

These are just a few of the things we'd like to suggest to the actress...

She might not like the fame game but Kristen Stewart is one of those stars who keeps popping up in the headlines.

In fact sometimes we feel we know more about her life than we do our own so who better to give her a few words of wisdom? (We realise there are lots of better people but we’re still going to do it.)

1. Smile, it might never happen

Okay to be fair you have been flashing your pearly whites more often recently but we still feel you could look a bit happier. And yes we know you might not be happy but we smile through things we don’t like all the time such as the dentist or meeting an ex in the street. Deal with it. It’s part of your job.

2. If it’s meant to be it will be

We really do feel for you what with the whole Robert Pattinson thing but we reckon you should just try to relax and see what happens. If you are meant to spend the rest of your lives together like Edward and Bella (yawn), you will.


3. Work is a great distraction

You’re still only starting out in your career so why not focus more on what you want to do on the big screen than what’s going on off it? If you do, others probably will as well. Also the quicker you can get rid of the Twilight tag the better!

4. Get some female friends

Like Taylor Swift we feel you could do with a close knit group of female friends that you can confide in. We get the whole ‘I get on better with boys’ thing but seriously a few cocktail nights are a great way to release some steam and you never know, you might have some fun.

5. Leave your hair alone

No matter what film you’re in, you are always running your fingers through your hair. Yes we think you have lovely hair but for goodness sake that’s how it gets all greasy and it makes you look like an overdramatic, stroppy teenager.


6. Stand up straight

Take your hands out of your pockets, put your shoulders back and hold your head high. You’re not the odd one out by any stretch of the imagination so stop standing like you are.

7.  Perhaps think about another stylist

You have made some stunning red carpet appearances over the last year but then again you’ve made some woeful ones. We think you’re gorgeous and your wardrobe choices ought to reflect that.


8. Have confidence

You don’t seem to have a great deal of self-esteem but you should. If we had all your money, starred in all those films and bagged one of the hottest men in Hollywood we’d be walking around like a Cheshire cat!

9. Keep the TV interviews to a minimum

Until you learn how to talk to people and get some confidence it’s probably best for your career (and the people watching) not to go on chat shows and give television interviews. Just a suggestion.

10. Don’t mix work and pleasure

So this policy might have landed you R-Patz but it also lost him for you. If you are planning on doing it, make sure it’s just one colleague and if it’s more, make sure you’re not being followed by paparazzi which is never so just don’t go there!