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30th Nov 2022

Tasha Ghouri makes it clear that she and Andrew Le Page aren’t engaged… yet

Ellen Fitzpatrick

But it won’t be long.

Tasha Ghouri has yet again had to shut down rumours that she and Andrew Le Page are engaged, well at least not engaged yet.

After coming fourth on Love Island this year, the couple have been going strong since day one in the villa and have only appeared to have gotten stronger since leaving the island.

Now living together, they have been inundated with questions about marriage, and once again Tasha has had to shut down the rumours.

Sharing a snap from the behind-the-scenes of her shoot with Sisters & Seekers this week, Tasha could be seen wearing a huge diamond on her ring finger, fans were quick to jump to conclusions that the fan favourite couple had gotten engaged.

One fan commented: “Not me thinking you got married.”

Another said: “What!? Are you engaged?”

Quickly jumping on her Stories to clear up the rumours and set the record straight, Tasha shared the post and wrote: “Channelling my inner Pammy. Also I’m not engaged. Was BTS on a shoot.”

While wedding bells may not be in the air right now, it seems that the might not be too far away as Andrew has hinted that a proposal could be sooner than we think.

Speaking on a red carpet recently, the couple was asked if marriage was something they could see in the near future, and Tasha very quickly replied: “It’s up to him isn’t it?”

To which Andrew jumped in to say: “It won’t be long, it won’t be long.”

And on a recent Q&A, Andrew was asked if he was ever worried they’d break up, which he responded with: “Obviously, I don’t think we’re gonna break up. Like there’s not a doubt in my mind.

“I think we’ll get married one day, hopefully soon, but obviously not too soon.

“Listen, I’m pretty certain I’m gonna marry that girl. But God forbid, if we do [break up], absolutely not. I’m not worried.”

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