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10th Jun 2017

Steven Gerrard’s ‘sexist’ Instagram post has caused an online debate

Cathy Donohue

What do you think?

A picture uploaded by Steven Gerrard, a former Liverpool player who has turned his hand to coaching, has caused a heated debate online this afternoon.

Sharing a photo of his three daughters doting on their baby brother, the father of four wrote:

“Looks like his ironing and washing is sorted when he gets older”.

Looks like his ironing and washing is sorted when he gets older ?? ❤️

A post shared by Steven Gerrard (@stevengerrard) on

Now, this was likely meant as a light-hearted joke on his behalf but some Instagram users have taken offence and labelled it ‘sexist’.

One simply said:

“poor caption SG”.

Someone else commented:

“Come on Stevie, you’re better than this. This is so demeaning and unnecessary. Think before you speak please (and hopefully change your caption)”.

Another wrote:

“We have two girls and always think family goals with this family and say how cute he is as a dad . Think that comment tarnished it a little for me, has what he always wanted a little boy”.

This IG user wrote:

“Lovely picture. Your daughters shouldn’t be considered nothing more than housekeepers though”.

Other opinions included “a bit sexist” and “caption has ruined him for me. Not here for it”.

Of course, not everyone took issue with Steven’s words but the debate continues to rage and you can check out the comments in full here.

Steven is married to Alex Curran and they have four children, Lily-Ella, Lexie, Lourdes and Lio.