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14th Aug 2023

Stacey Solomon responds to hate after posting about holiday that allegedly cost €40k

Stacey Solomon has responded to hate after she was criticised for posting about her €40k holiday.

Stacey Solomon has hit back at hate after her followers slated her for boasting about her latest holiday that reportedly cost €40k.

The mum-of-five and her family stayed at the lavish Regnum Carya resort in Antalya, Turkey for 10 days this month.

The stunning Regnum Carya Hotel features outdoor pools, a private beach, and over 10 restaurants, but comes with an eye-watering price tag.

Stacey said the ten-day trip was “heaven” and admitted she didn’t want to leave.

As beautiful as the destination is, the mum’s holiday reportedly cost around €40k. Something many families couldn’t even dream about, especially during the cost of living crisis.


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The mum posted a series of photos from the trip on Instagram, which sparked backlash. She wrote, “Our last day in paradise… The last ten days have been heaven and I don’t want it all to end.

“Spending time with my family is just the best thing in the world, she wrote.

Stacey said the destination is “magical” but admitted she was given a discount for staying at the lavish hotel.

“If me sharing our holiday doesn’t make you feel good then unfollow or just mute me”

Most of Stacey’s followers gushed about the trip, but many called her out for getting a discount on the trip.

One said, “Why do you need a discount on a holiday? You are richer than most of the average people commenting on this post! This society is getting insane now!”

Another added, “Sorry Stacy but an average family could not afford this hotel you are very lucky to be able to afford this.”

One shared, “Normal working class (relatable) people cannot afford a 40k holiday.”

“I’ve just priced up for my little family of 4 for next August and it’s 35k think we’ll need more than a discount code,” another said.

“Wow place looks amazing just priced it up for next year and it comes out at £48k,” another said.

Responding to the criticism, the mum said: “If me sharing our holiday doesn’t make you feel good then unfollow or just mute me or something. I love coming on here and sharing things so much and I love our community on here. All I ever want is to take you on the adventure with us and hopefully make you smile along the way.”