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30th Dec 2022

Stacey Solomon “had enough” before her surprise fifth pregnancy

Her mind certainly changed.

Stacey Solomon revealed this week that she is expecting her fifth child but admitted that before this, she had “enough” children.

The social media star has two children from previous relationships and is now expecting her third with husband Joe Swash.

While the couple appears to be over the moon by the news that they have another on the way, an interview from September 2021 has resurfaced on social media says otherwise.

In the interview, Stacey speaks about her youngest daughter Rose, who was born last year, and claims that she will be her last child.

She said: “We have to live within our means. We want to be the best parents we can.


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“And when we were trying to have this baby, it wasn’t the process we thought it would be, so we were just so grateful to even get pregnant.

“I don’t want to push it anymore. This is enough.”

And this wasn’t the first time she mentioned this either, Stacey said on Instagram that Rose would be her last child after she had had her first at only 18.

The 33 year old said: “Taking in Every Last Second. Thank you dad for helping me make special memories tonight… I wish I’d done this every time but I’m so glad we did it this time.

“For the last time… So grateful for the chance to grow you little one, now we can’t wait to meet you.”

While many thought she and Joe wouldn’t have any more, it seems Joe was not on the same page and was adamant more would be on the way.

He told Fabulous magazine at the time: “Having kids is addictive.

“I love it. I love being a dad and a husband. If I can be half what my dad was to us as a family, then I’d be happy.

“And I’m never going to say never to more kids. Let’s see what happens.”

Solomon wrote in her fifth pregnancy announcement on Wednesday: “So grateful & can not believe I’m saying this… Another little pickle is on the way…

“A HUGE surprise, but one that we are so thankful for to the moon & back bub [sic].”