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10th Jan 2017

Someone close to Kim Kardashian has been arrested on suspicion of passing information to the Paris robbers

Cassie Delaney

News reports this morning confirm that a member of Kim Kardashian’s team is suspected of being involved in the Paris robbery.

According to Sky News, Kim’s longtime chauffeur is being questioned and is suspected of tipping off the gang.

Yesterday it was confirmed that 16 people had been arrested in conjunction with the attack.

According to reports, investigators were able to zero in on the gang of “career criminals” thanks to DNA found at the scene of the robbery. French media reported that DNA traces picked up off the tape used to tie up Kim.

The oldest suspect held is a 72-year-old man while the youngest is in his early 20s. Three women were also detained, one of which is 65. As arrests were made, reports state that multiple firearms were also seized including an automatic pistol. More than €140,000 was also discovered in cash.

Kim has said through her lawyer that she is happy with how the investigation has been handled.

“She (Kardashian) is very happy, very satisfied and to a certain extent reassured by the efficiency of the French police,” said French Lawyer Jean Veil.

On the night in question, the reality star, who was in the city for Fashion Week and had attended the Balenciaga show earlier in the day, was alone in her private luxury apartment at 2am when she was accosted by a gang of men posing as police officers. Luckily her two children, Saint (1) and North (3), were not with her at the time.

The robbers handcuffed the building’s security guard and then made their way into Kim’s room where they bound her, locked her in the bathroom and stole jewellery worth millions.

While a rep for the star confirmed at the time she was “badly shaken but physically unharmed”, the terrifying incident turned the social media star into a recluse for a number of months. Kardashian West has only recently begun sharing images once more and is thought to be much more concerned about her family’s safety than before.

Speaking about the attack for the first time on her show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim wept and she recalled the night that changed her forever:

‘They’re going to shoot me in the back.’ she said. ‘There’s no way out… It makes me so upset to think about it.’