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07th Nov 2014

Singer Speaks Out About Marriage Split Rumours

The star hasn't been seen with his wife in several months.


Chad Kroeger has spoken out about rumours that he has split from wife Avril Lavinge, saying that he finds them “ridiculous”.

The Nickleback star married Lavigne in 2013 but the couple haven’t been seen together for months, with the singer celebrating her 30th birthday recently without her husband or her wedding ring.

However, the How You Remind Me star set the record straight in an interview with Canada’s E-Talk.

“Sometimes it’s funny, when you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and you look over and it’s your face on there. Not the… Kardashians… and Brangelinas… it’s ‘Chavril,” told the program. You’re like, ‘Can I buy all these? So that no one can see?”

“My family members hear this stuff … and then they call me up very concerned. I’m like, ‘Dad, you’re not buying all this crap, are you?’ All that stuff that people say behind each other’s back is minuscule, pales in comparison to the world of celebrity. That’s like high school multiplied exponentially. It’s ridiculous.”