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31st Jul 2012

Silence is Golden: Ronan Keating Will Not Be Singing At Brian McFadden’s Wedding…

Is anyone else relieved about this?


Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams’ wedding is set to be the Irish celebrity wedding of the year. Not only have the couple booked out a swanky Italian castle for the ceremony and reception, they also have a guest list that is chocked-full of the Irish crème de la crème.

There’s one wedding guest however, who is a little upset that the couple aren’t making use of his…eh…talents at their wedding celebration.

The Irish Daily Star reports that former Boyzone singer Ronan Keating has revealed that he will be attending the wedding of Brian and Vogue (or ‘Brogue’ as we’ve taken to calling them in the offices) in September, although he won’t be one of Brian’s groomsmen and he definitely won’t be crooning out any sappy ballads as the couple take their first dance together.

“I’m just a skivvy – I’m just going along,” said Ronan, speaking recently.

“He hasn’t even asked me to sing!” he added, referring to Brian.

Hmm…call us crazy, but we think that Ronan is the only person who is shocked at this development. Elsewhere, the entire Brogue wedding party is probably breathing a welcome sigh of relief.

Brogue: The happy couple.

The funny thing is, we never even realised that Ronan and Brian were such good friends – did you? According to reports, the pair became bosom buddies after they both worked on rival Australian television programmes.

Despite the fact that Ronan hasn’t officially been asked to sing, we imagine that they won’t be able to stop him once the reception gets into full swing.

Brogue’s wedding is set to take place in the stunning Castello Di Vincigliata in Florence, Italy on September second, and it is believed that the couple are dropping a massive €220,000 euro to ensure that their big day goes off without a hitch.