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09th Jul 2012

Should Celebrities Be Allowed to Use Body Doubles?

Is that really his bum? Are those her actual legs? We debate as to whether celebrities should be allowed to use body doubles or not.

Rebecca says: Yes

I’m addicted to reading about celebrities and looking at photos of them but I also believe that they deserve a certain amount of privacy. Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean we should know every little thing and see every nook and cranny.

That is why I think celebrities should be allowed to use body doubles for nude scenes. Just because they are in the public eye doesn’t mean we should get to see all of them. They still have rights and that includes choosing not to show their naked selves.

And who knows, they might be just as insecure as you or I. Why shouldn’t they use someone whose job it is to strip off and pretend to be them? I would happily let a body double step in for me posing for a picture in a bikini on a beach.

Similarly if they don’t want to risk injury they should use a stunt double. While it may take away from how you view them in comparison to an actor who does do their own stunts, it doesn’t ruin the filmic experience.

In saying this I think the celebrity should be honest. It’s totally different if they say they did the scene when a double was used. That I don’t agree with because it’s a lie and gives people a false ideal. It’s like when someone says they lost weight on their own when they got a surgeon to fit them with a gastric band.

I think as well the fact that body doubles have always been a part of the industry that makes it more acceptable than say my gastric band example which is a new craze that hasn’t ever been spoken about openly. In contrast, people always know that there is a chance that a body double is being used.

So to cut a long argument short, I think actors and actresses ought to be allowed to use body doubles as long as they don’t lie about it. Honesty is the best policy after all!


Amy says: No

Nowadays you can’t open a magazine or a newspaper without seeing the latest celebrity posing somewhere amongst the pages. They’re usually striking a provocative stance, and, in most cases, they’re wearing a bare bit more than a smile.

But what would you think if you found out that while yes it is the celebrity in question posing there, it’s just NOT their own body?

Using a body double is, in my own opinion, a pointless waste of time that adds to the unrealistic-body-image that’s awash within the media.

We’ve all seen the pictures of various celebs stepping out in skimpy clothing. In fact most celebrities wouldn’t think twice about doing an interview in their underwear or flashing their flesh when they go out for dinner – therefore, it seems completely bizarre to me that they would insist on using a body double for certain photo shoots.

My opinion is that if you’re willing to walk through the streets of London in a bra like Lady Gaga or Rhianna, then it seems a bit hypocritical to hire a body double when you have to do a photo shoot for a magazine.

No matter what excuse a celebrity has, using someone else (in this case a body double) to make yourself look better is just plain wrong. Especially when you have a perfectly great body of your own already. Therefore I firmly believe that they just shouldn’t be allowed to fake it by taking the credit for another person’s torso.

It doesn’t matter whether or not a celebrity is honest about using a body double, either way they are still misleading people and promoting a fake body ideal. By refusing to use their own bodies in photo shoots, they’re promoting a severe lack of self-acceptance to the impressionable fans out there.

I mean if a celebrity isn’t happy to use their own body in a shoot, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Celebs, if you insist on doing risqué photo shoots then please, be confident enough to use your own body. Otherwise, what’s the point in doing them in the first place?