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06th Sep 2012

She’s Got The X Factor! Dermot O’Leary Will Marry Dee Koppang Next Week

The telly presenter has tied the knot after dating Dee for over 10 years.


It will be a very sad day for womankind when our favourite telly presenter is officially taken off the shelf.

X Factor’s Dermot O’Leary is set to wed his girlfriend Dee Koppang next week after 10 years of dating.

The couple will tie the knot in a quaint ceremony next Friday, September 14.

“It’s going to be the full works, in a church because Dermot’s Irish Catholic,” said Dee.

Many of Dermot’s X Factor buddies are expected to attend the wedding including cult boy band One Direction who met Dermot when they competed in the talent show in 2010.

However, Dee is not happy that Dermot has postponed their romantic honeymoon until after the X Factor finale wraps up in December.

Dermot and Dee will marry next Friday in a traditional Catholic ceremony

According to The Daily Mirror, Dermot said it’s about time he put a ring on it.

“We’ve lived together for 7 years and been going out for 10 years so we are settled down already.

“There’s no sort of raucous bachelor days to put behind me when we get married.

“I love my girlfriend and the woman that will be my wife and we are really relaxed with each other,” he said.

While we’re devastated that Dermot will be a married man next week, we think that these two will have a long and happy life together. 


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