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26th Jan 2015

She Said What? Jennifer Lawrence Says ‘Hunger Games’ Was “A F**king Failure”

Our love affair with J-Law continues.

Jennifer Lawrence just keeps on surprising us and this week was no different as she ramped up the comedy at this year’s PGAs.

The 24-year-old star was presenting an award to Jon Feltheimer at the Producers Guild of America Awards and took the time to make fun of and joke about a number of other stars.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said. “I’m going to mess this up – and you’re right. Jon was charged to insure that Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games incredible trilogy of books was respectfully brought to life in four films and it was a large f**king failure!” she grinned.

She looked stunning at the awards held at the weekend. 

On a more serious note, she added; “I was so afraid of signing on to these movies a few years ago because something that size can make or break a career.

“I put my trust in Lionsgate and they put their trust in me and now I think we have a strong and amazing relationship that I hope lasts until my career dies at 35.”