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04th Nov 2013

Sex And The City Star Was Asked To Slim Down For Role

Chris Noth, who played womanising Mr Big in TV show Sex And The City, has recently revealed that he was asked to lose weight before reprising his role in the film adaptation of the hit series.

However it seems he wasn’t the only one as John Corbett (Aiden) was also told to trim his waistline when filming the hit show.

Producer Amy B Harris told E! Online that show bosses wanted Aiden to return to the show after breaking up with Carrie looking sexier than ever in a bid to win her back, this meant he was required to follow a strict diet plan.


John Corbett (Aidan) was told to lose weight for the hit show

Harris said, “We told Corbett to lose weight between seasons three and four. When we talked about whether or not we wanted to see John come back, we basically said we want him to come back so hot that she cannot believe it.

Like, he looks so much better after she left him. And we made him lose weight. And then we made Chris lose weight for the movie”.

Harris found it funny that it was the male stars who were targeted rather than the female leads, “It’s hilarious. The women were, like, perfection, and no one ever mentioned anything about their weight ever.

It was just the two guys! I think the women were just predisposed to be lucky and didn’t have to worry”.

Chris Noth was asked to trim down for the film adaptation of Sex And The City